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What We Do:

DJRV utilizes 3D printing technology to meet the needs of low volume markets that cannot justify the high initial investment required for traditional mass production process such as injection molding. By utilizing 3D printing technology DJRV is capable of providing short production runs and custom products at an affordable cost.


What We Offer:

  • For your office and computer work station we offer pencil drawers and organizers.
  • For the Disney toy monorail we offer track products to enhance its operation. Disney’s only provides a simple oval. DJRV has responded to customer needs by offering unique track components to add variety. 
  • For fans of the out of production Lego Monorail, DJRV offers 100% compatible versions of the Lego short and long Lego monorail track, enabling Lego fans to replace missing pieces and expand their monorail layout.
  • For collectors of the popular Funko Pops, we offer custom display shelves and wall mounting clips specifically designed for them.  



DJRV strives to provide its customers with the highest quality customer service possible.

  • Top quality
  • Fast delivery
  • And a fair price for low volume products


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2150 Beekman St NE, Palm Bay, Florida 32905, United States

(321) 431-1237